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in Southern Louisiana since 2010
"A big thank you to Christina and Michelle for putting my mind at ease while I was out of town! Their business is "lousey", but their service is fantastic!"
Posted on Facebook by R.N. (2014)
"There are MANY things you can spend your money on to treat head lice.  You may even be tempted to needlessly throw away perfectly good household items out of fear.  (I did!!!)  PLEASE save your stuff, preserve you sanity and spend your money wisely.  Call Nitpicking in NOLA.  As a parent and pharmacist I could not be more impressed with their services."
Posted on Facebook by L.M. (2014)

"Thanks a gazillion for your help and  professionalism today.  You conquered something that we have been battling for 2 weeks!!"
Posted on Facebook by M.M.(2013)

"Thanks Christina!  You ARE an angel from heaven! :) We are feeling so much better now!!"
Posted on Facebook by L.M. (2012)

"Christina, you are a Godsend!  Thank you so much for your service and your abundant knowledge on the subject!"
Posted on Facebook by L.M. (2012)

"We love you Christina!!  We will sleep well tonight!"
Posted on Facebook by N.S. (2012)

"Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.  Christina you were awesome.  Thanks so much for helping us get nit free and taking the time to make sure we know what to do.  We are lucky to have your service available here in New Orleans."
Posted on Facebook by J.M. (2012)

"Michelle was Great!! Very knowledgeable!! Precious personality too! My daughter felt comfortable with her. Thank you so much! I also appreciate your staff getting out here as quick as she did! I will definitely spread the word about you! Thank you, Christina!"
Sent via Text by A.B. (2015)

"Hi Christina, Thank you for sending Michelle to our house Wednesday night. She did a great job. We were very happy with her and your company. Thanks again, SD"
Sent via Text by S.D. (2014)

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"Gave us the facts about how to treat lice. Talked to us about the myths. Lindsay was very professional and sweet!! Payment was so easy 😃"
Posted via SquareUP by K.P. (2015)

Fantastic service. Now I can sleep tonight. THANK YOU!!!!
Posted via SquareUP by S.O. (2014)

Fast, friendly, efficient. Very knowledgable. Great service at a stressful time. Thanks!!!
Posted via SquareUP by W.C. (2015)

"Thank you so much! Michele was wonderful! So glad to be big free after such a week of hassle."
Posted on Facebook by S.F. (2015)

​Hi, this is L., I just wanted to tell you want a great experience we had today.  The girl you sent was very thorough and professional.  She really made me feel informed and in control of the lice.  I was very pleased with the whole experience (minus the lice) Can you please pass along the compliment.  Thanks!  
Sent via Text by L.C. (2015)
Thank you so much.  Michelle was awesome so nice and helpful!!!!! 👍👍 two thumbs up.  I will be recommending your company.
Sent via Text by S.B. (2015)