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     Once upon a time there was a family of 6 (now 7) who soon discovered the joys of lice. No less, at the salon where they were all lined up to get a haircut. Now, this family had no idea what a “Nit” was but the hairdresser just kept repeating “nit, nit, nit.” It wasn’t until she whispered, “Lice” as far away as possible from them I might add, did they realize what was going on. That couldn’t be possible: they were not dirty. They had a maid that came once a week, everyone bathed every night and with soap I might add. This couldn’t be happening!

     Some children broke down in tears, others had to be carried out because they were completely devastated. And the parents, well they just blamed each other - too many sleepovers, not labeling their baseball helmets, letting them play outside in the grass. Oh how they pointed fingers and after they finished pointing fingers at each other, they realized they didn’t know how to get rid of Lice.  

     Needless to say, after 2 weeks all was well within their family. And in the process, Mom had become an expert in lice and nit removal. Mom realized that there was a lot of misinformation about lice and the real key was to end the cycle. She realized that not too many people want to talk about their struggles with head lice. Their family had to do it all by themselves in isolation or risk being embarrassed.  

     Head lice can make logical and reasonable people lose their minds. No one can say for sure if it’s the bugs, all the sleepless nights, or the inhalation of toxic lice treatment solutions, but whatever it is – Nitpicking in NOLA is determined to help.

     Nitpicking in NOLA, is owned by Christina Womack, the FIRST lice removal service in the Greater New Orleans Area. She started her lice removal practice in 2010, setting out to help families with a problem she had dealt with alone.
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